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All About Smokeless Cigarettes

Smokeless cigarettes are growing more popular by the minute as more smokers wish to quit smoking without kicking the habit itself.
On this site you'll find useful information about electronic cigarettes, where to buy electronic cigarettes and how to use your e-cigarette.

We are not making any claims that e-cigarettes are completely risk-free (since that long-term data doesn't exist yet) but if you are a
smoker you probably know the health risks of regular smoking.
The studies that we do currently have shown that smokeless cigarettes are an effective way to cut down the negative effects of analog cigarettes and help smokers eliminate the health risks associated with fumes/smoke by replacing it with vapor. You still get to keep the
nicotine (which is the addicting part), and more importantly: the habit (which is the cool part).
Electronic cigarettes do not contain any tobacco and they only emit vapor instead of smoke. There is no combustion of any kind, no tar
and no smoker's cough to go along with it.

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Every day, more smokers are trading in their analogs for an e-cigarette, not just because of the health issues but also for financial reasons. Buying an electronic cigarette is much more of a one time investment (like a cell phone or other gadget) than constantly buying more regular ciggies. And the maintenance costs are much lower than smoking a pack per day.

Our goal is to provide you with all the basic knowledge about smokeless cigarettes you will need to make the decision to throw your
cigarettes out the window and embrace a healthier life of vaping like a boss. Reading through our articles and tutorials you should find
everything you need to know to get started on vaping and changing your life for the better.

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Happy Vaping!